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Terms of service for using the website Airsoft Safe Zone

1. Terms

Accessing this website, you agree with all terms and conditions of use, all applicable to laws and regulations, and you agree that you are responsible for complying with the applicable laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you will be forbidden to use/or access the website. The contents of this website are protected by the applicable laws of intellectual property and copying.

2. Use license

  1. a. You are not allowed to download or copy any information or material of the website Airsoft Safe Zone. You can only download any part of the software if explicitly specified in the terms of use.
    To access this website you must agree with the following items:
    1. Do not change and/or copy any content of the website.
    2. Do not use any material of the website for commercial or non-commercial purposes or advertising (commercial or non-commercial);
    3. Do not attempt to decompile or use reverse engineering at any part or component of the software.
    4. Do not remove any copying protection note or content property of the website;
    5. Do not transfer any material and/or component of the website to third parties or ‘mirror’ materials and/or components of the website to other servers.
  2. There is no permition to use temporary e-mails to register in the website.
  3. If you violate any of the restrictions presented in this term, your access to the website will be suspended with no prior notice and you will take responsibility for the applicable laws.

3. Purchase of Access Licenses

3.1 Licenses for Airsoft Teams

The users registered in the website who wish to use the airsoft teams’ registration, with all of its available functionatilies, should purchase a license and associate it to the desired team.
Every registered team is automatically associated to a free license with restricted access to the functionalities allowed to free access. The complete licenses, which provides access to every functionality of the website, are provided in two ways, free trial and purchased license.
The free free trial lasts 30 days, in which the user has access to every functionality, according to the team, for the trial period.
Each license option will be submitted to the specific access to the website functionalities, properly declared in its functional details.
These available functionalities for each license option could be adjusted, corrected, added and/or removed with no prior notice.
  1. Acess to a free license:
    1. The free license is automatically associated to every team registered, with no need for any user configuration or action, and it provides access to the website, according to its functionalities’ description in the homepage, indefinetely, with no time limitation and with no cost attributions for its access.
  2. Access to a free trial license:
    1. The free trial license will provide access to the website, according to its functionalities’ description in the homepage, for the maximum period of 30 days after the license activation date.
    2. After the period of 30 days the trial access will be suspended, automatically converting the team to a free license again. From this point on the user can choose to buy a purchased license or continue with a free license.
    3. The free trial license can be activated only once for each user.
  3. Access to a purchased license:
    1. The purchased license allows complete access to team registered in the website, according to the functionalities’ description in the homepage, for the determined time purchased by the user.
    2. When the period of the purchased license finishes, the user will have the option of purchasing a new license for a new period. Otherwise it is possible to continue acessing with a free license.
    3. In case the user changes his/her access to a free license, the functionalities will be instantly adjusted according to the functionalities’ description presented in the website homepage.
Access to the website, regardless of the license type, free or purchased, can be suspended immediately in case this term is not respected, without costs to Airsoft Safe Zone. Amounts paid will be analyzed after the ocurrence of access suspension to pay chargeback, if applicable.
The purchasing of a new license, if there is an existing purchased license in the period of validity, will add a new license to the licenses catalogue, not causing any type of modification, cancellation, replacement or invalidation of the existent license.
The user can purchase as many licenses as s/he wants, for the periods s/he wants, with no limitations.
The purchased licenses for airsoft teams can be associated to only one team at a time. The user can remove the association with a team and associate it with another, so that each purchased license will be associated with only one airsoft team each time, converting the team which had the purchased license association removed into a free license team.

3.2 License for Airsoft Fields

The users registered in the website who wish to use the airsoft fields registration need to purchase a full license and associate it to the airsoft field.
The airsoft field license is provided only in the purchased mode, there is no free access or trial.
Airsoft Safe Zone can choose to offer promotional periods with reduced values, during periods chosen by Airsoft Safe Zone. Users who purchased a license during the promotional period will not have aditional costs when the promotion finished, since they have already purchased and activated the license with promotional price when they have bought it.
The purchased license to activate airsoft fields has a period of validity, informed during the purchasing of the license which will be automatically suspended when this period is over.
The field which has an expired purchased license will no longer be accessible to other users of Airsoft Safe Zone, only for the user which has the airsoft field registration.
The user who has an airsoft field registration can, at any moment, purchase a new license to reactivate the airsoft field registration. When a new purchased license is active and associated to the airsoft field, it will be immediately available for other users of Airsoft Safe Zone.
Once a purchased airsoft field license is associated to an airsoft field, it will not be possible to remove the association, so it will be necessary to use it until its closure.
A user can purchase as many licenses for airsoft fields as s/he wishes to.
Purchased licenses for airsoft fields available and not associated with airsoft fields of the user can be associated with an airsoft field and only one at a time. A purchased license cannot be associated with two or more airsoft fields.

4. Cancellation of access licenses

4.1 Cancellation of airsoft team licenses

There is no availability for cancellation of a free license or free trial.
The cancellation of purchased licenses bought in a period of 1 (one) month or less than that is not permitted.
When requesting and confirming the cancellation of an airsoft team license, the next purchased license or active existent licenses in the player catalogue, must be fully completed/used, in other words, its cancellation is not permitted.
The user cannot request the cancellation of two licenses of airsoft teams consecutively.
By performing the cancellation of an airsoft team purchased license, associated with an airsoft team of the user’s register, this airsoft team will automatically be converted to a free account.

4.1 Cancellation of airsoft field licenses

The cancellation of purchased licenses bought in a period of 1 (one) month or less than that is not permitted.
By requesting and confirming the cancellation of an airsoft field license, the next purchased license or existent active licenses in the players’ catalogue must be fully completed/used, in other words, its cancellation is not permitted.
The user cannot request the cancellation of two licenses of airsoft fields consecutively.
By performing the cancellation of an airsoft field purchased license, associated with an airsoft field of the user’s register, this airsoft field will no longer be accessed by other users of Airsoft Safe Zone, being accessible only to the user that has airsoft field registration.

4.3 General rules of cancellation for Airsoft team and field purchased licenses

  1. Cancellation of a purchased license with period above 1 (one) month:
    1. When requesting the cancellation of your purchased license, the user must confirm the cancellation through an email message sent to the address provided in the user’s register in the website.
    2. The message in the email will provide details and instructions for completing the cancellation request.
    3. The purchased license cancellation will provide chargeback under the following conditions:
      1. a. License with period above 1 (one) month purchased with validity up to 1 (one) month:
        The chargeback will be the full paid value.
      2. b. License with period above 1 (one) month with validity above 1 (one) month: The chargeback will be the proportional value to the period which was used.
        The calculation of the chargeback will be:
        1. Dividing the amount paid by the quantity of days which represent the whole license period, obtaining the value of each day.
        2. Multiplying the individual value by the quantity of days between the license beginning to the cancellation request to obtain the real use cost.
        3. The chargeback will be the total value minus the real use cost.

5. Advertising of airsoft weapons and equipments

The player may advertise his weapon and/or equipment on the advertising wall available at Airsoft Safe Zone.
To register an ad, the player must be logged in through their authentication, either by email and password registered or by authentication integrated with the available services..
There are no limitation of player ad registration.
Each advertise will be reviewed by the Airsoft Safe Zone management team in order to get publicly available, to ensure that no information added therein will be offensive to the general public. It is not up to Airsoft Safe Zone to validate the accuracy of the provided information. It is the responsibility and obligation of the player owner of the ad.
The Airsoft Safe Zone disclaims any liability under the item advertised, not taking part in the negotiation, mediation, sale, distribution, transfer and / or any nature of business between advertiser and interested. Airsoft Safe Zone only provides one publicly accessible site on its website for display of the desired items for sale, so the advertiser has full responsibility for the information added therein, making the sale without the involvement of Airsof Safe Zone, as well as as for the idonity and legality of the advertised item.
Airsoft Safe Zone reserves the right to deactivate and / or delete an ad that is identified as offensive or in violation of these terms without prior notice.
Each ad registered by the player is valid from its registration up to 30 calendar days. At the end of this period, the ad will be automatically removed from public channels and accessible only by the player owning the ad. The player will be able to reactivate an expired ad for free, thus starting a new activity cycle of the ad.
To register an advertisement the player must provide all information requested on the registration screen, which includes the addition of photos of the advertised item. Inclusion of photos will always be limited, preserving the distribution of Airsoft Safe Zone features to provide all players with the same quality and availability of service, so as available at the moment, the registration interface will have a restriction on amount of photos to add. This limitation may change without notice, but will not affect ads already registered, only new ads.

6. Exclusion of user register

Users can request register deletion using the website.
The deletion request will send a message to an email, to the address provided at the user’s register, with instructions and procedures to confirm the deletion.
When requesting the deletion, using the instructions received via email, the user’s register will be completely removed of the website database, as well as the related data, with no reversion possibility.
It is important to highlight that all the airsoft teams and fields registered by the user can also be removed, as well as other players’ associations registered in the website to airsoft teams and fields, being final and impossible to restore the information.
Only the registered licenses and payments made by the user will be kept, for record purposes, fiscal proof and/or refunds.
The register deletion does not imply, nor automatically requests or causes the cancellation of any existent license in your licenses catalogue.
In case the user wishes to receive chargeback for the amounts paid, according to the cancellation rules previously described, the user must follow the license cancellation instructions, according the the procedures described above, before continuing the register deletion request.
The user, after confirming the register deletion, must create a new register to access the website again.

7. Legal Notice

  1. The materials contained in the website Airsoft Safe Zone are provided “as they are”. There is no guarantee of the website’s use, implicit or explicit, and we hereby revoke any guarantee with no limitation, applied warranties or marketing conditions, or non-infringement of intellectual property rights violation or other rights violations. Additionally, Airsoft Safe Zone does not guarantee or undertakes the website’s data and materials precision, as well as the information contained in the website and other sites’ links to Airsoft Safe Zone.
  2. All the definitions about functionalities can be reviewed at any moment. We reserve the right to change descriptions, definitions and behavior without prior notice.

8. Limitations

In no circumstances Airsoft Safe Zone or its providers will be responsible for damages (including, with no limitation, damages or losses or data/profit loss, or related to business interruption) originated from the use or impossibility of use of the website and/or any material present in the website Airsoft Safe Zone, even if Airsoft Safe Zone or any of its representatives have been notified orally or in written form about the possibility of such damage.

9. Reviews and Erratum

All the materials presented in the website Airsoft Safe Zone can contain technical, written or image mistakes. We do not ensure that every information in this website is precise, complete or current. Airsoft Safe Zone can perform modifications in the contents of its website at any moment with no prior notice. However, there is no commitment to perform such modifications/updates.

10. Terms of Website Modifications

Airsoft Safe Zone could review these use terms at any moment with no prior notice. By continuing to use this website you affirm that you agree with the present term, and all of its content, in its last edition.

11. Applicable law

Any complaint related to the website Airsoft Safe Zone will be applied to the laws of the State of São Paulo – Brazil regardless of its conflict with legal provisions.

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